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Young Smaug the Terrible Young Smaug the Terrible

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Man, I really like Smaug since childhood. He is the most badass in the Hobbit. But what I am really upset about - that he shall be the most badass in the LOR too. Anyway, how possibly you can kill thing as big as Smaug with one sissy arrow? May be there is no diamond scale at that spot, but there is still a lot of muscle, skin, bones and cartilage to cover Smaug`s guts. You cannot kill an elephant with an arrow. You cannot kill a bear with an arrow. Boar? Nope. But look, there is an angry dragon, the most big, evil, cruel and dangerous thing in the Middleearth. Heeey, relax, fear not citizens. We have A HUNTER. Use your bow man, kill him! How someone can get that kind of idea?
I mean, this is the damn dragon, not the fucking sieve. That was wrong. Totally wrong.

Anyway, still a better ending than mass effect 3.